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Civic Engagement

Importance of Civic Engagement​

It seems most appropriate to invoke the spirit of ― John F. Kennedy to highlight the importance of encouraging civic engagement “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.”  Or  to paraphrase former President Barack Obama that we believe that those who loves Saint Lucia will spare no effort to change it for the better. 

We believe that active civic engagement by the majority, is a critical foundation towards nation building. It involves, but not limited to working individually and collectively  to make a difference in the civic life at the community level.  It means promoting the quality of life in a community.  It can also include the facilitation of developing of relevant  knowledge, skills, values and motivation to make that difference.  

Projects we support

 Through civic engagement, all can be equal. All we must do is find a cause within our community to make it a better place for all.  

Voluntary Service Program


We believe that civic engagement is a driving force for community and national development as it enables its people to unleash their potential and contribute to the development of their communities. Through this initiative we may be able to reawaken the spirit of Koudmain, where people come together to address issues within their communities. People of any age  can contribute through such civic engagement.  We will create a platform to encourage more civic engagement within our communities. 

Our Plan

We plan  to establish Clubs and Branches of Friends of Saint Lucia in every major town and village in Saint Lucia. 

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Future Leaders Program


Aside from general youth engagement initiatives, this  program will be targeted at nurturing those that may have aspirations to participate in the leadership and future governance of the country. We believe that through our civic engagement programs and club structure, there may emerge a cadre of potential leaders whom we would want to assist to explore their potential.  

Our Plan

We plan to establish a Future Leaders Program aimed at providing opportunities to gain essential skills and knowledge about leadership and governance. 

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some causes and projects you can support

We have created a list of possible Causes and Projects that you and your friends may wish to support directly or indirectly. It is just a starting point. You may have some of your own ideas you are welcome to share with us. 

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Our Core Values

Core values defines the very reason why and how we do what we do. Find out more about our core values as you consider volunteering with us.

Volunteer with us

Volunteering is our business, and we are always looking for new friends to join our ranks. Find out more about the range of volunteering opportunities you can sign up to.

Support STEM Education

Find out how you can influence our projects on STEM Education for our young Saint Lucians. We want to be part of that development. Join us.