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Fundraising Families

Any size family will do

Raising funds as a family can be a very rewarding experience and a way of cementing family values. There are so many fun things that can be done as a unit in other to serve Saint Lucia. 
Most of our past events have largely depended on the contributions of families for their success.

The sky’s the limit in what you could do to raise much needed funds to help us work towards our goal of serving Saint Lucia. We prefer to have many families helping us fundraise throughout the year, than to host one or two big events – even if they are fun. 
Many families already do a lot of activities that can easily be converted into a fundraising event. One key thing to do is to identify a particular cause of project you would like to support and make this your sales point!

By joining us as a Family Unit to fundraising, you will be making a massive contribution to the whole effort of service to Saint Lucia. Be sure to invite your neighbours and relatives too!

Remember, in our fundraising effort, we say Every Penny Matters.


Here are a few ideas to get you started

Below are just a few ideas to get you started. Some more practical than others depending on your family circumstances and preferences. But with a little creativity you can come up with some amazing activities

A House Party

You can throw a house get together for close friends and family and ask everyone to make a contribution. You can use the occasion to talk about why you are choosing to serve Saint Lucia.

A Bike Ride

Are you a riding family and often do long rides? Why not use one or two of these rides as a fundraiser?


This one is one of my favourite. We love BBQ's. This activity would almost be a hit! Once you've done yours encourage others to do the same. So you take turns!

Host a Roast

If you are in the UK, you can throw a great British tradition of Sunday lunch while raising money. Instead of going to a restaurant for a family meal, cook a roast at home and get everyone to donate the cost of their meal to Friends of Saint Lucia.

Run for the Family

If you are a running family, you can team up and join a local Run event near you. There are many well-known runs around.

Care for a cupcake

Are you a baking family? Why not hold a Care for a Cupcake fundraiser! Stock up on some yummy treats, invite your friends over, and they can buy a cupcake while sharing a tea or coffee with you. .

Celebrate and Give

When celebrating an occasion such as an anniversary or birthday, we’ve found that many people have used it as an opportunity to ask for donation in lieu (or as well as!) a present. It’s a simple and personal way to celebrate a special day.

Hold an auction

Contact local shops and businesses and ask them to donate some items for a charity auction. Invite work colleagues, family and friends so they can bid to their heart’s content.

A family picnic

This can be a really super fun activities especially if you have a large family and group of friends. Invite them to bring items and ask each to make a contribution.

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