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Socio-Economics Development

Why Socio-Economic Development ​

Within this element of our Voluntary Service Framework, we hope to offer the platform to help the upward mobility of households, individuals, families, or other categories of people in Saint Lucia towards a positive change in social status relative to one’s current social location. 

This will be reflected in various initiatives that would promote employability and entrepreneurial skills especially to those who have less access to higher education opportunities.

Some Socio-Economic Projects We Support

National Apprenticeship Program


We believe in people development. We believe that small countries like ours, every unused, unexplored human potential undermines national development effort.  We must treat every one of our people as an asset that can work toward minimising our liabilities. Hence,  we hope that embarking on an apprenticeship program, will be part of many avenues to provide opportunities for development. 

Our Plan

We plan to build relationships with key stakeholders in order to establish a national apprenticeship program providing greater opportunities for personal growth. 

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Agribusiness School


Micro farming, also known as urban farming, is farming on residential or commercial property that is around less than five acres.  Micro farming is being encouraged by sustainability groups in order to reduce carbon emissions, increase local economic growth, increase public health, and improve food security. A community that can feed itself is onto a path of national growth. 

Our Plan

 We plan to work initiate a number of projects that would facilitate wider participation in micro-farming through our Agribusiness School. 


Internet Business Training Initiative


 We believe that more opportunities to train and expose people to initiatives on online business opportunities is am important step towards job and wealth creation. Such opportunities to provide services to the world as opposed to a small nation can only lead  improved chances and eventually contribute to greater economic activity. 

Our Plan

 We plan to offer a series of online training opportunities working alongside experts in the field to create opportunities to get trained and mentored. 

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Women Empowerment


The role of women in nation building in unquestionably important. However, many are not involved in the economic activities of the country. We believe that by creating Women’s Empowerment Movement within Friends of Saint Lucia, will provide a supportive environment that will be accessible to women from all walks of life.  The more women that are supported and encouraged, the greater their chances of participating in wider economic activities. 

Our Plan

 We plan to work with groups and individuals whose vision are aligned towards advancing the development of women. 

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Some Ways You Can Get Involved

Below are just a few ideas that you can think of as championing to be of service to Saint Lucia. These are more practical that you as a Club or Branch can begin to get involved. If you have any other practical ideas that could potentially be championed as a cause or project, we would love to hear from you. Remember, starting a Club or Branch is easy.  Follow the link below to see the options. 

Women Empowerment Group

How about starting a women's empowerment movement with us? Let us work to empower the future. We will help you.

Agricultural Training Schools

Are you a Saint Lucian, home or abroad and owns under utilised land? Find out more how you can help serve Saint Lucia.

National Apprenticeship Program​

Do you have experience in managing and coordinating apprenticeships and want to help us get our started? Get in touch. ​

Internet Business Training Centres​

Are you an experienced online business owner and want to help others get started? Join us, lets do it!​

Curious About Starting A Club?

some causes and projects you can support

We have created a list of possible Causes and Projects that you and your friends may wish to support directly or indirectly. It is just a starting point. You may have some of your own ideas you are welcome to share with us. 

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Fundraising Ideas

Find out more about how you can consider fundraising with us. We have put a list together of a few ideas to get you started.

Some FAQs

There may be a few questions you have on your mind as you consider volunteering with us in one of these opening. Here are some FAQs that may help.

Causes & Projects

We have a range of causes and projects that we support, and we invite you to find out more about them here. Let us know if yours is not there.