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Common Interest Club Category

Common Interest Club

Who is it for

The Common Interests Club category would appeal to friends who feel that they don’t quite fit any of the other categories, but want to serve and support us.  This category would attract a wide cross-section of interest and can include but not limited to sports, hobbies,writers, photography and retirees to name a few. This category would work well for those who wish to express that interest as a cause or project as opposed to supporting any other causes even if they are free to do so. 

There is no greater feeling of satisfaction than to serve others doing so with a group of people who you love and trust. 

Such a Club can have immense influence on target groups by the fact that they all share the same interests. Imagine a group of ex professional football players wishing to set up a football camp in Saint Lucia? But it is surely not limited to football.


If you are interested in starting a Common Interest Club, it is really easy to do so. Get in touch so we can guide you and get you started in no time at all.  

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