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Start Your Own Club

A Club? A Branch?
What is the Difference?

A Club?

To start a Club of Friends of Saint Lucia, you will need 15 or more people. You can be based anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be Saint Lucian. All you need is a willingness to help us to achieve our vision of service to Saint Lucia. Perfect for friends, community groups and existing associations.

A Branch?

To start a Branch of Friends of Saint Lucia, you will need 7 or more people. This can be perfect for large families or combined families. Branches can grow into Clubs overtime. Same applies, you can be anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be Saint Lucian. All you need is a willingness to help us to achieve our vision of service to Saint Lucia.

Why become her Friend?

There are many reasons to become a Friend of Saint Lucia, to be her Friend. Although the island is known for many things including the Helen of the West, highest Nobel Laureate per capita and boasts being the world’s leading tourist destination, poverty in Saint Lucia, as reported by UNICEF, measures at 18.7 percent of households and 25.1 percent of individuals. 

Life beyond the flashy brochures and optimistic economic forecast does little to alleviate the hardship than many faces and creates genuine opportunities to raise the aspirations for many.

The struggle is real for many. This is the principal reason we embarked on this mission. To create an organisation where we invite Friends to join the effort to enable most of us to live our true potential.   

We recognise that we cannot do it alone. We realise the importance of creating an Organization that is open to the  generosity of friends the world over.  As a Friend, you can choose how you wish to serve our people. You can either become a Partner or start a Club or Branch and serve a cause or project that is of interest to you or choose one within our Voluntary Service Framework. Or perhaps you can choose to make a donation of money, time, skills, knowledge or basic essentials such as food, clothing and opportunity to learn.  True Friendship has never been measured in terms of money. It is about caring for each other and supporting each other whatever way we can

Club Categories At a Glance

Family & Relatives Club​​​

This is an excellent way to build quality family relationships by serving a cause together. You can start as a family Branch and grow into a Club. A family that serves together, stays together.​​

Corporate Club

These types of Clubs are a chance to allow people of similar backgrounds and mindsets to join in and make a real difference. Business owners or managers within sectors can work together as they please.

Existing Associations Club

This category was conceived to encourage existing associations serving Saint Lucia to join us and present a united front of a One Saint Lucia International Voluntary Service Organisation, united under the auspices of Friends of Saint Lucia International.

Common Interest Club

This Club type would appeal to those with similar interests. This can range from having an interest in a common cause, hobby, sports or hiking for example. Together you can find a cause and serve.

Young Adults Club

This group is our greatest hope of carrying the vision into the next millennium. We wanted to create a space within the Charity so they can serve as young adults in keeping with the vision.

Little Friends Club

This Club category was created with our young people in schools in mind and driven by our service philosophy of “Paying it Forward''. As we serve them, we want to encourage them to develop the service mindset.

Community Club

This type of Club would be one of the main groups with ears and eyes within the community. They are envisaged to operate as connectors between other Clubs around the world to ensure resources are efficiently distributed to those it is meant to serve.

Church Club

Churches are a natural haven for serving the community because of the network principle. Starting a Church Club can be a divine approach to serving the less fortunate.

Professionals Club

This type of Club would appeal to those that are in a similar profession or share expertise. For example Lawyers, Doctors, Actuaries and Engineers to name a few. It is envisaged that they can help mentor and inspire our young Saint Lucians.

Private Individuals

Although this is technically not a Club, we recognise that some people prefer to be lone actors and do just as much or more than a group of people. This category of friendship is open to any individual who is 18 years and over that shares the mission and vision of the Organization. There is no restriction to nationality, race, gender or creed. This category is ideal for volunteers, private donors or supporters who do not wish to be part of a Club or Branch. It might appeal for individuals who may have a certain set of skills that can contribute towards the realising the vision some of which can be IT, Social Media Skills and Project Management.

Leaders & Celebrities Club

This Friends Club category is created to appeal directly to world Leaders and celebrities that have over the years developed a special relationship with Saint Lucia. Saint Lucia as a tourist paradise has attracted many celebrities and leaders that have confirmed and sealed that special bond by investing in properties and other business opportunities. We believe that working together to support some causes and projects can only lead to creating a better environment to safeguard your investments. We don’t envisage you setting up a Club in the normal sense, but your support of our vision would be immensely appreciated.

Find out more

Our History

Our history is young, maybe too young to be considered history but nonetheless we have one. Find out more about how this idea all started.


There may be a few questions you have on your mind as you consider volunteering with us in one of these opening. Here are some FAQs that may help.

STEM Education

Find out how you can influence our projects on STEM Education for our young Saint Lucians. We want to be part of that development. Join us.

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