Friends of Saint Lucia Int'l.

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Registered Charity in England and Wales # 281188

Church Club Category

Church Clubs

Who is it for

This category of Friendship caters to the different faith-based Churches that are already involved in community service projects and would like to join in the New Vision Of Service to Saint Lucia but wish to do so within their own faith environment.  Churches are one of the very first types of voluntary organisations serving their communities and we believe that the  “all is welcome” ethos is aligned to ours. As such, this category is by way of extending an open invitation to Church groups members to help us with the outreach programs of serving the wider community. We believe there are immense opportunities to provide invaluable services to our communities. 

 This friendship category will present other avenues of building closer social cohesion and collaboration between people of all walks of life driven with the same purpose of being of service to each other.


 Are you part of a local Church and think that you would to start a local chapter of Friends Of Saint Lucia?  If yes, drop us an email so we can help you get started!

Find out more

Fundraising families

Find out more about how families can join in to help us fundraise. Serving together as a family can keep the family together as it improves quality time.

Our Core Values

Core values defines the very reason why and how we do what we do. Find out more about our core values as you consider volunteering with us.

Causes and projects

We have a range of causes and projects that we support, and we invite you to find out more about them here. Let us know if yours is not there.

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