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Projects & Causes

Causes & Projects - Together we can!

Projects & Causes You can Support

Who is it for

Below are a few ideas that may pique your interest should you think of starting a Club or Branch. Or maybe you may wish to help us by supporting with organising and implementing or with donations or time or expertise.

Sponsor an Elderly Person

This program is to appeal directly to sponsor an elderly person on this program. Donations will be used to regular supply basic necessities and assist those helping on the ground.

Famous Sons & Daughters

This is a project aimed collecting and compiling an account of Saint Lucian’s famous sons and daughters in an effort develop greater cultural confidence and awareness amongst its people and the world.

Sponsor a Child Project

This will be one of our flagship programs where we hope to work with you to help sponsor child to help a child through with basic at least schooling and skilling programs.

Become an assessor

This is a training program we will embark to train interested persons to become trained Assessors, who may potentially gain employment with our Vocational Training Academy.

Be a Mentor

We believe in the power of mentoring. This is why we initiated this program so that we create the opportunity for each wanting child to have a Mentor at some stage .

Culture Online Channel

This is a project that falls within our Culture and Arts Promotion theme. Join us to create an effective YouTube/Vimeo Channel showcasing the best of our culture.

Make a Donation

This is one way everyone can help us. Whether it is a donation of time, services or money. You may not wish to start a club but can certainly help by supporting our projects and causes that care about.

Share A Space Program

This project is specially at property owners we could collaborate with in order to deliver various continuous education and training programs in the future within communities.

Sponsor an elderly

This is a program designed to reflect our Civic Engagement theme. We would like to hear from you if you are interested in helping to take care of our older folks who need it most.

 The current times places even greater burden on our young people who were already marginalised. let us offer to make a difference. one by one!  Sponsor a child!

Some more ideas

Corporate Angels

This project is for businesses that wishes to work with us to support our vision. Their stuff can volunteer their expertise from time to time through our Corporate Angel program.

Global Citizenship Skills

This project will appeal to those who value the need to promote Global citizenry where our people grow to be Global citizens but born and raised in Saint Lucia.

Fundraise for us

Perhaps your skills are in fundraising and seeking funding for various charitable projects. Such support will be greatly appreciated as it will be the lifeblood to keep us alive.

Cultural Exchange Program

We believe that being multilingual is an important skill, one that can prepare an individual for the world. We would love to start such a program with friends in foreign lands.

STEM Initiatives

This initiative will be one of our flagship programs. We want to encourage more of our young people to sign up for studies in these subjects. Are you able to help here?

Environment Solutions

We believe as a small country, we must be ever mindful of the way in which we treat our local environment. We want to challenge our people to find local solutions.

Feed Saint Lucia Program

This is a project we want to begin with earnest given the impact of Covid19. The plan is to establish and operate a network of Foodbanks throughout the island communities.

Advocacy Forums

Advocacy seeks to ensure that all people in society are able to: Have their voice heard on issues that are important to them. Protect and promote their rights. We believe that too. Maybe you can help?

Rights & Responsibilities

We believe that people who are ignorant of their basic rights and responsibilities often display behaviours that are contrary to positive civic engagement.

Did you know that there are many of our older folks who lives in squalor situations within our communities? Help us organise to make a difference!

Yet some more ideas

News Reporting Contest

We believe in promoting initiatives that will raise aspirations and widen participation. We hope that this project would create lifelong opportunities for young people.

Sponsor a Laptop

Sponsor a Laptop as part of our initiative to increase ICT literacy. We would love to get this project underway sooner given the impact of Covid19 on education.

Support Just One Wish

This is a project conceived to bring joy into the hearts of our young people whose lives have been afflicted with some form of debilitating condition. We want to make a dream come true.

Women empowerment

We believe in women empowerment. We believe in initiating programs that will empower women of all ages in Saint Lucia. If you have relevant experience and expertise, then we want to hear from you.

Agribusiness School

The Farming School falls within our socio-economic theme of the Voluntary Service Framework. We want to hear from you, if you own unused farmlands especially.

Apprenticeship Training

Apprenticeships are an excellent way to encourage young people and allow them to learn a wide range of career and interest skills which can lead in enhanced life opportunities.

Scholarships Program

We want to augment the national efforts of finding scholarship efforts for our youth. Are you into education and have the means to help us achieve that? If yes, get in touch.

Films & Documentaries

We believe in the power of documentation. This project will appeal to people who are in media and arts both as academics, practitioners and amateurs.

National Chess Contest

Playing the game of Chess can improve learning, thinking, analytical power, and decision-making ability. It promotes how to strategize and the importance of foresight.

And yet some more ideas

Diabetes Awareness

Diabetes Type 2, mainly a lifestyle and therefore preventable disease has the honour of the leading cause of mortality in Saint Lucia. We claim the responsibility to minimise this.

Prostate Cancer

This is a largely preventable disease that is responsible for the highest cause of death among our men. Why is this still a reality today? Can we embark on a reset-mindset program?

Website Building School

Like coding, website building is changing the way we do business and interact with the world. A skilled builder is available to sell his skills anywhere. We want to train more.

Mental Health Program

Our country’s future is at stake when mental health issues go unchallenged especially among our youth. Together we can create opportunities to foe more awareness to help.

Disaster Preparedness

One of the island’s greatest threat is hurricane, where we tend to be more reaction than proactive. Not being the latter can lead to loss of life and property. Let us change that.

Kwéyòl Dance Project

This project falls within the aim of wanting to promote a greater level of the Saint Lucian culture within members of the Diaspora. We want to keep dancing into the future.

ReCoding St.Lucia Project

This project is one that we look to launch sooner than later. Coding is ubiquitous in modern life and will continue to be. We want to create more opportunities for kids to learn to code as we Recode Saint Lucia.

Let the Drumbeat

This program is for those friends that are culturally and musically inclined and wishes to learn the unique drum rhythms of the Saint Lucian culture. They ought to be preserved.

Annou Parler Kwéyòl

This project is one aimed at mainly our friends within the Diaspora who wishes to learn and improve their Kwéyòl communication skills. Are you fluent in it and wish to help?

Do you have a bright Project Idea?

To start is easy. Talk to your family members, decide which causes or projects you want to focus on, then click that blue button below. 

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