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Corporate Angels Program

How does it work?

Being part of this program is easy and hassle free. We have a range of areas that we need help with from time to time. Some requiring expert knowledge and skills that maybe available from businesses wishing to volunteer such resource. This is why we created this program. It is a win-win-win – your business; your employee and us.  Below are some areas that we have identified that we would welcome. And admittedly, there are many areas we need help with that we are not aware of. So, as we grow and work with Angels, so will the list. 
We have also included a section on questions and answers which you may find helpful.

Some areas we need help with

Below are some of the areas that we have identified as being important skills that we need to help as we grow.
These are skilled areas that can be performed from a desktop once the project briefings have been agreed upon. The list is not exhaustive by any means.
We would welcome ideas and suggestions that would ultimately lead towards building an infrastructure that would enable future demands and development.


Marketing will be an important element to get the world hearing about our Charity. If you manage employees who are skilled at online marketing or in general, then this may be an area of interest to you.


Fundraising for non-profits is a crucial function. This area may appeal if you or your employees are particularly skilled fundraising and attracting donors, as well as managing donor relationships.


Content or copywriting plays a crucial role in being able to craft the messages that would be tailored to reach the right audiences at the right time.  You and your team can help in this area as well. 

Event Management

Event planning and management is one of the activities that we do to raise funds, awareness or host a program. You and your team can volunteer in Events if this is your specialism.

Social Media

With our business development strategy aligned to web-based, we will welcome all the assistance we can get social media savvy volunteers. We would love to hear from you if this is your area of interest.


Leadership and management skills are key functions for the successful operation of the organisation. As we grow, the demand for those skills grows in tandem. We need corporate angels like you to continue growing.

Some questions answered.

The length of time for any project will be determined once the Angel has discussed with our team the extent of what needs to be done to complete the project. So, it will vary from project to project.

No. We are aiming as much as possible to carry out most of our activities online. So, Angels will be welcomed from all over the world.

Many companies choose to partake in charity activities for various reasons and answers their “what’s in it for me”
As a small non-profit organisation with a big vision, we are simply engaging the world to enable us to achieve our goals overtime.

No. Membership of the program is free. However, companies are welcomed to make donations as they see fit for example to sponsor a particular project or to make general donations.

Absolutely. Companies are welcome to join us by establishing a Corporate Club. This way, you will, and your staff will get to lead real projects that makes a meaningful difference in people’s life fully.

With the Angels program, one or two Angels will help us complete a task or small desktop related project, but as a Corporate Club, you will be impacting people’s lives.

There can be many benefits to be derived from participating in our program. One of the unique reasons why you should enrol is that your efforts will be impacting directly or indirectly the population of a whole country. One that you may fall in love with (or may already have) should you visit. Here are some more reasons why you should enrol to work with us:
– It can lead to increased workplace camaraderie
– It can provide great PR Opportunities
– Potentially Boost Your Brand Value
– Overall, it can promote employee well-being
– And it can also help you create a positive, caring culture

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