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Online Fundraising Tips

Useful Tips to consider

Social Media and Fundraising​

The internet and social media have transformed the ways in which people donate to charities.
One of the best ways to tell people about your event, and raise money and awareness, for Friends of Saint Lucia is social media. You can also use it to enlist helpers when you are doing an event. Sharing updates and pictures about your event, your training or how much money you’ve raised is a great way to get the message out to more supporters. Top Tip: Find other people who share the cause that you do. Ask for their support.

Some Tip Top Tips for Social Media

Imagine a world without sharing. It would surely not be as lively and even worth living! We already share just about everything so why not share your fundraising stories? There are many good things that can result because of it.  


Tips For Facebook Fundraising

Tips For Instagram Fundraising

Tips For Twitter Fundraising

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