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Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are some Frequently Asked Questions about Friends of Saint Lucia. If the question you want answered is not here, please send it to us at:

When was Friends of Saint Lucia International Started?

Although the idea of Friends of Saint Lucia International was born in November 2016, however, as a UK Registered Charity it dates back to 1980. The original Charity was a singled-purposed projected established in the name of The National Committee for St Lucia Hurricane Relief.

During its early life, the Charity made a number of contributions to Saint Lucia including a Mobile Blood Bank in 2017. The Charity was very active in its early life but became less so recently.

After a few meetings between the two parties, it was agreed that in the spirit of unity that the people of Saint Lucia would be better served with a Charity which is International in scope and embraces both Saint Lucian nationals around the world and friends of Saint Lucia. The Charity was formally renamed Friends of Saint Lucia International on Emancipation Day, August 1, 2018.

Is it a registered entity?

Yes. Friends of Saint Lucia International is a registered Charity with the Charities Commission of England and Wales.  Please click this link to visit the Charities Commission Website.

What is the main aim of Friends of Saint Lucia International?

The main aim of Friends of Saint Lucia International is best reflected in our Mission Statement, which states that we aim “To encourage and facilitate the formation a Worldwide network of Clubs and Branches of Friends of Saint Lucia International with people from all walks of life with a shared passion of service to Saint Lucia”.

We beleieve that if we have an organistion where anyone around the world, can choose how they wish to contribute to the overall development of the Island, then it would be better than a small group of individuals trying.

What is the difference between Friends of Saint Lucia and Friends of Saint Lucia International?

Friends of Saint Lucia Internationalis the full legal name of the Charity and it is the Head Quarters. Friends of Saint Lucia is the short or working name of the Charity.

If I started a Club or Branch, how do I go about naming it?

Starting and naming of a Club or Branch is easy. However, we have a system by which Clubs and Branches are named. All Clubs will be named after an electoral precinct/county/village of its host country. Branches however, overlooked by Clubs or in some cases the Head Quarters.
For example, if you lived in Ilford, East London, the name of your Club would be Friends of Saint Lucia Ilford, London, UK. If you lived in Gros-Islet, the name of your Club would be Friends of Saint Lucia, Gros Islet, Saint Lucia.

What is the difference between a Club or Branch?

The main difference between a Club and a Branch is the number of Friends or members  that each is made up of. The minimum number of members required to form a Club is 15, whilst the minimum for a Branch is 7.  Branches may grow into a Club over time.

What kind of support can I expect if I started a Club or Branch?

As a new Club or Branch, we will have a lot of support to get you up and running and remain that way. We want you to succeed. We have been working hard and tirelessly and will continue to do so to set up the infrasttructure so you can focus on serving your friends.  

To begin with, you will be assigned a Club/Branch mentor to work with your group of Friends.  You will have our Club constitution which will help you to understand how best to operate so we all remain compliant with regards to our legal obligations.

We will have additional resources such as Club logos, own domain email addresses for executives, how to run a Club guidelines and other best practices to keep you focused on serving Saint Lucia.

Do I need to be a Saint Lucian National to be part of Friends of Saint Lucia?

No. Anyone, anywhere in the world can become a friend of Friends of Saint Lucia.  And for the same reason, anyone from anywhere can start a Club or Branch where the National and State laws permit.

How much interference will there be from the International Office in Club operations?

Our aim at Friends Of Saint Lucian International is to encourage the growth of a worldwide network of Clubs and Branches serving Saint Lucia.

As a Charity, there are certain legal obligations and compliance issues that must be adhered to and as such we will have in place robust systems and procedures to achieve these.

Once you have agreed with these systems and procedures, we will work with you to achieve your own service goals in as much as you need our help. Your Club will have autonomy in its operations.

I am a member of a Saint Lucian Association but I really like the vision. Can we become part of this new vision of service to Saint Lucia?

Yes. You can. There is a membership category just for Associations like yours. You will be able to continue with causes/projects that you currently have in place.
The main difference you will experience is what we call for want of a better phrase “ a rebranding” exercise.

I am a teacher of a Saint Lucian Primary School, how do I get my school involved?

This is great news. We would love to have a presence in the majority of Schools in Saint Lucia overtime.

There are many ways your School will be able to get involved. Please drop us an email at so we can start discussing the possibilities.

Is Friends of Saint Lucia International GDPR compliant?

Yes we are. As a registered Charity, we are obligated to follow the GDPR guidelines. We are also registered with the Information Commssion Office, Ref: ZA840740.

How can I volunteer for Friends of St. Lucia?

There are many ways in which you can become a Friend Volunteer with us. Please check our Volunteer with us page.  Besides, if you do not see how you can help, please drop us a line with what you have in mind to

Is there a joining fee?

At the moment no. But this will change.  As we grow and new Clubs and Branches are formed, it is envisaged that the cost of administering the Charity will increase incrementally. Therefore, at one point in the future, there will be an appropriate fee/nominal cost.

How is donated monies spent?

We depend on public donations either directly or through fundraising activities. All monies received from the public are spent on the public. This is our simple promise. All fundraising drives will be purposeful, so the public is aware of what they are donating towards.

When was Friends of Saint Lucia International Started?

Although the idea of Friends of Saint Lucia International was conceived in 2016, however, as a UK Registered Charity it dates back to 1980.  It was first named The National Committee for St Lucia Hurricane Relief.  On August 1st, 2018, Saint Lucia’s Emancipation Day, The National Committee for St Lucia Hurricane Relief Charity was formally renamed Friends of Saint Lucia International. 

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