Friends of Saint Lucia Int'l.

Carpenters & Docklands Comm. Centre 98 Gibbins Road | E15 2HU | London


Registered Charity in England and Wales # 281188

How Your Money Helps​

Your money goes a long way

As a small and relatively new Charity, your donations helps immensely. All the work we do currently are done on a voluntary basis. The effort to serve Saint Lucia and create an organisation of what we envision is being done with the purest of intention. This website for example, was made when a volunteer decided to make learning to make websites his England Lockdown 3.0 project so we can share our vision with the world.

Funding the causes we support

First and foremost, monetary donations will help us fund the causes and projects that we plan on supporting. We have identified a number of projects which you can support as well. In your donations, you can tell us how you would like us to use your donation especially if it a meaningful one.

Friends of Saint Lucia is an inclusive organisation and is open to everyone who wishes to serve Saint Lucia. So if you do not yet see a project or cause that you would like to support on our website, please get in touch. We would love to hear from you.

How Your Donation Of Time Helps

To plan and operate an organisation like ours requires more than just money. As the saying goes, money can’t buy everything. We need a variety of expert assistance from time to time and even on a regular basis and we will depend on the kindness of your deeds to help us through. We have created a list of key skills we need help with, so please visit our Volunteer with us page.

Again, if you do not see a post that reflects your skills but it is one that you know would help make a difference in the successful operations of the Charity, then we would love to hear from you too.

Find out more

fundraising ideas

Find out more about how you can consider fundraising with us. We have put a list together of a few ideas to get you started.

Projects & Causes

We have a range of causes and projects that we support, and we invite you to find out more about them here. Let us know if yours is not there.

Events Volunteers

Find out more about our volunteering opportunities in events planning and more. Do you have an event you like planning?

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