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Contest Overview

This inaugural Spoken Word Poetry (SWP) contest presents an opportunity for our young people to express their creativity and share their vision of Peace & Love through performing arts. 
Participants are encouraged to portray their life-experiences and culture and traditions in responding to the theme. Spoken word is a piece of creative writing that is best delivered through performance, so it can be a story, poetry, or a combination. The following rules and guidelines shall apply:

Rules and Guidelines

  1. The Spoken Word Poetry Contest is open to all Saint Lucian- based young adults between the ages of 12 to 14 on February 1st, 2022, that are in school or youth/community groups.
  2. You must register to take part in the contest. To register, click the Register Here button below.
  3. To participate, you must be either a young person at a school or youth/community group in Saint Lucia.
  4. This contest is divided into 2 categories: English & Creole. You are only allowed to participate in one category.
  5. Your performance must not have been published, self-published, published on a website, broadcast, podcast or been placed first, second or third, or been submitted or awarded a prize in any other contest.
  6.  For Poetry entry submissions please click the respective buttons below.
    Please remember to add ONLY your Participation Registration Number in the subject along with your category. Do not include your name as part of the naming of the file.
    For example, a typical naming of a file can be: PRN-14X/Creole Or PRN-12X/English
  7. The entry must be your own creative writing, but you can quote other writers. If you reference other authors, your performance must include verbal citations.
  8. The citation must be done at the end of your performance and will not be part of the set time for judging.
  9. The entry must be between 120- and 180-seconds long. Any entry outside these times will be automatically disqualified, except to highlight citations used in the work.
  10. The entry must capture the contest theme for the year: Increas- ing Our Cultural Confidence During Covid19.
  11. The entry must be recorded as a video. The video and audio quality must be clear.
  12. There must be no props, costumes, or musical instruments as part of the performance.
  13.  Any item worn or used to enhance an entry would be treated as a prop/costume. For example:
    a. Putting on a cool hat for a poem about cool hats.
    b. Gesturing to any object or item of clothing related to the poem.
    c. You may refer generally to items you are wearing, e.g. glasses, pants as long as you do not gesture towards them at the same time.
  14. There shall be no reference of hate speech. Hate speech is defined as any speech that attacks, threatens, or insults a person or group on the basis of national origin, ethnicity, colour, religion, gender identity or presentation, sexual orientation, or disability. An entrant will be disqualified for violation of this rule.
  15. You may use your body to enhance performance (E.g. touching hair while saying “hair,” beatboxing, dancing etc.).
  16. Judging is fair and unbiased. The judges’ decision is final, neither judges nor Friends of Saint Lucia personnel will enter into any judging related correspondence.
  17. Entries cannot be altered once submitted.
  18. Nothing must appear in your performance (verbally or visually) which would identify you as the entrant by name.
  19. Submitted entries will not be returned, so please retain a copy.
  20. The copyright of each entry remains with the actor. However, actors of the winning poems, by entering the competition, grants Friends of Saint Lucia International the right in perpetuity to publish and/or broadcast their poem. Use of the poems elsewhere for one year from the date of winners’ announcement is subject to permission from Friends of Saint Lucia International.
  21. Friends of Saint Lucia International retains the right to amend these terms and conditions without any notice but remain obliged to communicate any such changes it makes.
  22. Deadline for submission is Friday October 22nd, 2021. All late entries will be automatically be disqualified.


Contest Prizes-English & Creole

To register, please click the link below.  After registration, please check your email for a welcome pack which will include your Participant Registration Number. 

Submit Here

When you are ready to submit your work, please click the link below. Remember, do not include your name in naming the file and use your PRN Number.

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